Aug 3, 2008

I love a Deadline

Geoff and I were talking about this yesterday, how we both really work much better when we have a deadline in sight.
For me this falls under the heading: Procrastinate Until the Very Last Possible Moment.
I don't do it on purpose, I have every intention of happily plugging away at something so I don't have to feel sick to my stomach and freaked out that I now only have THREE DAYS TO FINISH THAT THING.

I am currently working on another big project that I have been a little better at maintaining work flow that usual.
Because I have given myself this deadline.
Ring one will be finished by Monday of this weekend. And Ring two will be done by the end of next weekend.

And I am thinking of rewarding myself once they are both done with a new dress. From a new pattern that I haven't tried yet.

But I can't (WILL NOT!) even think about sneaking away from my bench to set up Joanie (Janome Joanie to her friends - that's mostly me actually. She doesn't get out much. Being a sewing machine and all) to "just see if it will work how I expect it to."
That's my excuse for having to sew something immediately.
Which I have resorted to pretty regularly lately.

But I have put Joanie away and will be a productive little metalsmith this weekend.

In other news, where the HECK did August come from?
Yesterday we went to the market to pick up some groceries and I was wearing many layers. Like wristwarmers and a neckwarmer and a COAT!
What the hell??!

Because it was CHILLY. Cold enough to warrant a HAT AND SCARF.
I do not support this.

Today is sunny, no clouds, but the breeze pushing through my studio window is COLD.

So I will continue to wear socks (in August) and sweater layers (in August) and hope that the universe will make up for this crap summer with an AMAZING Fall.

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