Feb 23, 2008

I'm trying something new here at janamadethis. I've added a hit counter. I am interested to see just how much traffic my little blog sees. I don't imagine that it sees a great amount, it's relatively new and mostly about the dog, but I am trying to make it a more regular thing here and I am also trying to make it more Professional.
Notice the CAPITOL letter there? I know, I've said this before! But I really mean it and I am determined to make a go of this whole jewellery as a career thing.

Speaking of which, in Janamade news, here in the studio today I am going to cut out some Lace and try a new pendant design, as well as clean up and solder the remaining A Cute earrings that I've got cut out so I can get them into the Etsy shop.
I really love the idea of being able to support myself and our little family with creativity and my own two hands. There are certainly things that I need to develop, like a marketing confidence and the Shmooze (I don't have the gift of this, I know and love some people who do, but for the life of me I can't bring myself to do it well. I always feel like I must look like I am trying to sell you a crappy used car. I must work on this.)
And other more concrete things like a catologue. This is something that I might try to work on this weekend. I have to put together our package for the Out of Hand fair this weekend as well, so I might rope the two projects together.

Just off hand, I have noticed that I have received a couple of comments from people I don't know (which is pretty amazing in itself, and I love the comments that I have had from people who have actually left comments, thank you!) but the couple that I referring to have just been one or two word comments with links to things I should "see" that have turned out to be virus warning pop ups that are quite frightening.
Is this something that happens all the time that one just ignores and deals with as a cost of doing business online, or should I be worried about them? They have only popped up on the last two posts, but it's scratching at the back of my mind when I check the comments box now.
And that's no fun.
Just wondering, putting it out there as it were.

Happy Saturday all.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

you need to add the comments feature where the person wishing to leave the comment has to enter the encrypted text thingy, otherwise you get spammed by spam-bots. like the guy above...and you should delete those spam comments, so that people viewing your nice blog don't have bad feelings about getting a virus from you.

Unknown said...

Thank you anonymous guy, I didn't know they could be deleted. I should have thought of that!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Norton help you keep out viruses etc?
Jana - love your pen and ink stuff. Perhaps you should take the seed pod one (especially)to a local Tattoo place and ask them if they want it. If they use it you get a cut....$$$.
Did you get my email about a line drawing and story about Norman?
Let me know, Love your Aunt C


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