Feb 3, 2008

New earrings!

I have some sheet silver that I had already cut for A Cute rings, but it wasn't substantial enough for rings. I tried a couple but they feel a little flimsy.
And then last night it came to me in an epiphany, EARRINGS!
I have been thinking about earrings for a while, trying to design something simple enough for everyday, and flashy enough for a night out. (I try to design jewellery for Gals like me, and I am not super flashy, but I do like a bit of flash every now and again.

These I think worked out pretty well.

And I have enough pre-cut stock for another 5 pairs.
So, I am going to wear these everywhere for the next week or so, gauge reactions and see how they hold up to everyday wear, and then, if they are as awesome as I think they are (I'm biased) I'll whip up the other 5 and update the ol' Etsy shop!


Crafty Mama said...

I'm not normally an earring person, but those are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! They are pretty comfortable too, I wore them into the wee hours (mostly lounging on the couch and making dinner, but STILL!)
And they didn't make me crazy.
Some earrings do.

Deedee said...

So pretty!!

The Tin Thimble said...

I love those earrings!

christine said...

when you get them done for public sale, let me know. I wanna a pair!!


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