Feb 19, 2008

So good

This is a little shot of a meal we had a couple of weekends ago. I took the picture with every intent of sharing right away, but you know how it is.
It was so good. SO good.
Super saucy, grilled chicken and spinach lasagna. We even took it to the Next Level and had a traditional caesar salad with bacon and everything.

Oh, for those of you that didn't know, I fell off the vegetarian wagon. Hard.
I still don't eat beef or red meat really, but the occasional bacon will sneak in.
And my diet is still pretty veg/tofu based, but with all of our food allergies, it needed to happen.
I sat drooling through 6 months of KFC and Taco Bell commercials before I finally caved.
I will be totally honest however, and just say that I feel SO MUCH BETTER.
And I will share a little too much here and say that I am also much less bloated than before.

Isn't that nice?
I thought so too.

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