Feb 15, 2008

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I have been sitting here on the couch (I heart laptops) for the last little while, I don't even really know how long, looking at frames online.
I know I am still on THAT tangent.
I am starting to debate whether or not I should just put new lenses in my old standbys.
But I really WANT new frames! But I really need new lenses, daily headaches are not my cup of tea.
And really, why on Earth would it be.
That would be weird.

Really Weird.

I have also just absentmindedly consumed almost a whole bag of chocolate covered almonds, accidently.
I feel really bad about that. I mean, almost a whole bag? I wasn't even paying attention.
I did however pay attention to the deliciousness, so whatever, that counts right?

Anyway, (oi my tangents! Where does that train go??)
I found a couple of different sites this time, as opposed to the last time, in which all the sites that I looked at were recommended from a blog called glassyeyes.blogspot.com
He had some good ones, and certainly the cheapest.
Here are some of the ones that I found this afternoon....

(Oh these pictures are so TINY!! That makes me happy in a weird little way!)
I was particularly taken with the white and black pair, the heart shaped pair (seriously!) and the Vivienne Westwoods. Although I need to sort out in my heart if I like the frames or that I like that they are Vivienne Westwood. She's classy and awesome. I wish that I had the curves for those wrapdresses!

Again with the tangents.
I blame all of this post on the chocolate covered almonds. (or as I have heard them referred to as "power pellets"

I am going to get off the computer now.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentines out there!

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