Mar 3, 2008

working hard ALL day!

It has been the most productive weekend here in Janamade Studios in a little while.
I will admit to being a little unmotivated lately. Well, unmotivated isn't exactly true, I've got lots of motivation to make things and Do. Perhaps uninspired is more correct, if we are going to argue the point.
Regardless, we are back on the Work Well train.
This weekend I finally got to the 5 pairs of A Cute earrings that I chatted about before rolling along. One more (okay 2 if we are being really honest) steps until they are done. But I've monopolized the studio for the last three days straight, so Geoff is in there now.

Which is entirely fair since I was a MACHINE in there already and am feeling like taking a bit of a break is actually an option at this point.
New pendants!

Oh my gosh I am SO excited about these. I have had the design tickling my brain for the last month or so, and I realized that I had the stock to try it, so on Saturday I did. And then, since it was So Cute, on Sunday I made 5 more. I am hoping that tomorrow is relatively sunny so I can get some really good photos of them and I'll post a couple n Etsy. I might even just post the one I've already got.
The pendant is a wee gift tag! It drives me a little nuts right now how cute that is!
It's the little bird silhuette that I've been working with for the last couple of years, just really teeny and framed in 2 layers of silver.
And the chains that I have are perfect, it's casual, but still totally chic.
The idea as well is to add mini tag pendants to the chain like a charm bracelet. I've got a mini heart tag and another that says Geoff.
I want to make more mini tags that are collectible little sweethearts.
And the beauty of them as well is that I can basically put anything on them with my set of tiny punches.
Watch out world!

I also took some new pictures of other finished work out in the garden the other day, taking advantage of the light.

I have also been cutting out more Lace, but nothing is finished yet so no photos.
Soon though my Pretties, soon.
I am going to bust out the enameling oven as soon as I've got a sunny (warmish) weekend. Too toxic for indoors!

On Saturday (before I was Supergal in the studio, obviously) it was Gorgeous, so lovely out that I took Norman for a good long walk and then had a little sit in the sun with him while reading a little bit.

Geoff's Mom lent me this book at Christmas and I've only lately have I had a chance to really get into it. Oh it's so wonderful. So well written and such a sweet sad story.
I'm not finished it yet, but I recommend it.

Now I am going to eat dinner (roasted veggies!) and then work on my application for this years Out of Hand.

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