Feb 2, 2008

I am covetous! Too much.

I have just spent WAY too long messing around and browsing on the computer.
Thank god I have some self restraint, and didn't order anything online.
Like this...

I have actually seen this in Real Life (notice the capitals people) and it's flipping amazing. Oh the pockets!

Or this...

I almost ordered it. Almost.

But I actually NEED glasses.
I just want (WANT) the gadget and the bag.

I have to get off the computer!

I did however spend some productive time in the studio today.
No pictures available yet, but I've got a sample of a set of Bangles that are connected by a sweet little gold ring.
I haven't sorted out it's name yet, but they jingle jangle quite nicely and I've had requests for bangles.
I hear you, and I provide.
I'm hoping to get them cleaned up and photographed tomorrow.

I also started some earrings, but I think that the design needs a heavier sized wire. They're okay. But okay just isn't good enough.
They must be AMAZING.

I've got coffee plans with a friend that I haven't seen in a while and Monday I am expecting a fun filled day of fabric and design craziness with Angie and Erin.
I am SO looking forward to design craziness! SO good to bounce ideas around.

Now I am going to get out of the studio and start this book, which arrived in the mail for me yesterday

Cheers Dahlings!

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