Feb 18, 2008

I heart weekends

I am feeling pretty good around the Janamade front these days. I have been working on prints for Angie all day today and I've been poking away at them all weekend as well.

Those little deer are so flipping Cute! I am losing it a little over those guys.
And I have finished up the little bird since taking the picture, although I am going to go back in and redraw one wing, because I got into more of a groove on the second wing, and I like it better. So I'll fix it up later.
And I finally inked up the seedpod, so I can get copies made and mail them over to FGI.

We didn't do much for Valentines around here, we are pretty low key when it comes to holidays in general, so the Hallmark holidays get even less press.
But last night Geoff made this cake, and I have officially named it the Valentines Cake.

Just a plain vanilla cake that we added fresh sliced strawberries to. We even chopped up a whole cup and a half for inside the cake as well.

I've got a lot to catch up on in the studio now, yes I was productive, but in prints.
So the rest of the night is for studio time. Geoff is sleeping to get himself ready for an all night shoot tonight and tomorrow, so I should have the studio to myself.
Just today he got called for 3 gigs! So we'll have to print off a studio schedule or something.

This is the right direction folks.

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