Feb 1, 2008

Before and After

I can't tell you how many times I am finishing up an alteration to something and realize that I didn't take a BEFORE picture.
So many.
But I was quick on the draw for this one and I am glad, because seriously, this is pretty cool.

I got this red coat at Christmas to replace the Hobo Coat.
(the last one had seen better days, and was dubbed the Hobo Coat after I popped in to visit a friend and she told me that she thought it was so cute that I dressed like a little hobo. I'm not kidding)
So, this is the replacement.

It was the hood that started it all. I've never had a coat so bright or so red, but it felt Right somehow.
Especially when I decided to embroider The Wolf on it.
Remember my obsession with embroidery? It's still here.
And now it's on my coat!

I think that I might unpick and redo the silver highlights, it came out a little more contrasty than I expected, I wanted something a little more subtle, but I haven't done it yet, and it's not at the top of the ol' priority list at the moment, so he might stay like this for a while.
I'm okay with that.

For now anyway. One never knows when the moods will shift and I HAVE to change it RIGHT NOW.

In other non-crafty related news, I played Guitar Hero for the first time last weekend. Pretty hilarious.

I am very serious.

And we have had snow! There is even still a little bit still out there right now, and it started last weekend!

Norman is still not so sure about snow, we bundled him up really well (a sweater AND a coat) but it still freaks him out I think.
Hilarious little dude.

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