Feb 17, 2008

I know I'm a bit of a run on

I am really looking for frames. And I am sort of starting to narrow it down to a few online pairs.
These two I found on glassescrafter.com, and if I just get regular lenses they'll be under $75. (and they'll only be $60 more for transitions, which I am kind of hoping for, since then I don't have to worry about getting sunnies yet)
That is however, not including duty. There may be duty on them since they are coming from the US.
Not too shabby though.

Right? They both appeal to me for different moods/looks. (that top pair is very close to the Vivienne Westwood pair I was ogling the other day, only in brown, which I think works with my features a little better.) I just need to decide what I want that look to be for the next year or so.
Although if I get a pair and they are awesome, I can always save up for another pair.


Although I have a friend from work, working on tracking down that original pair that I fell in love with last year when Geoff was looking at new frames.
So I am going to wait and see how that goes first.

That just makes good sense.
I promise not to post glasses anymore.
Until I have new ones to show off!


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