Jul 3, 2007

Learning new things, sort of.

Well, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how to make a new header for this thing. Unfortunately to no avail. I've got a lovely new one all made up and I assumed ready to pop on here, but it won't stick! So I'll work on that and see what I can come up with. I even tried editing the HTML, but that was a bit of a flop! I'm not quite there yet.
On more productive notes, I finally finished a pendant that I have had for an obscenely long time. But it's finished and it's lovely. I will post pictures once I get permission from it's new owner. (I think that's fair, she should see it first)
Otherwise it was the nicest weekend I can remember in a while over here, we had sunshine and warm weather and cool breezy evenings. Hard to complain really.
(Although it's grey and miserable this morning, I am hoping that it will be sunny when I get out of the shower. Wishful thinking? We shall see!)
Off to work I go.
I hope everyone had an amazing Canada Day long weekend!

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