Jul 17, 2007

No he ain't dead

This is how I find Norman more often than not. He's a very relaxed sleeper.

Things here have been rolling right along. I went into town this afternoon to pick up some chains I had ordered. (very exciting yes?)
And I also picked up some 120 emery paper. Whoa! Slow down girl!
Ooh... and some new blue WHEELIES! AAAH! I am too crazy!
These are things I use to make the world a prettier place, one piece of jewellery at a time.

Here's a piece that I just finished last week. Hammered gold around a sterling silver ring. Ooooh!

I like this one.

I've got some new ideas simmering around in my old brain (which is getting older in a month, I almost can't beleive I'll be 28)
Like a sweet little hammered gold heart pendant on a tiny choker chain.
Like some new jangelica pendants with the gold beads on the INSIDE. (what??)
Like a heavy duty silver ring with a sweet little hammered gold heart on it.

Busy busy!

1 comment:

Deedee said...

I can't wait to spend some of my hard earned $$$$$ at the Out of Hand...Everyone gets Janamade for Christmas!!!! (And something for me too)


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