Jul 17, 2007

Have you ever seen a baby crow?

There you go!

I hadn't seen one, and wondered at it. Then this nest went in next door and we had baby crows waking us up every day before 7 am demanding to be fed.
So sweet.
I got up one morning and took some pictures.
They look just like regular crows.
Just slightly smaller.

Remember last week when I mentioned that we were getting a new bed? Well we did and it's awesome. It's like sleeping at a 5 star hotel in our bedroom. (I should look into room service!)
But while we were waiting for the new bed to arrive, we propped the old one out in the back. Norman had a bit of a time with this. He's a creature of habit. And most of the time he sleeps IN the bed all day long. So when we took it away he was totally confused and had a hard time ALL DAY. I put his basket out in the sun and everything. But he wasn't having any of it.
Finally I tried laying the old mattress down so he could lay on that.

Still not great, but better than laying in the sunny spot apparently.

Oh Norman.

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