Jun 24, 2007

Another new format??

Some of you may be wondering if perhaps I have some sort of decision making problem. I don't, really, I just like to go over all of my options.
I wanted to match my soon to be worked on website, but I really just prefer text on white. Especially if it's text you expect/hope people will read. I don't want to adversly effect (affect?) anyones eyesight.
And one of these days I'll figure out how to put my OWN header across the top. My wicked designer friend Miss Kathryn has the skills to show off.
But I think I've spent enough time on the computer for one day. Although in between messing around on facebook and watching Daryl Hannah's eco blog (please check it out, pretty awesome... dhlovelife.com) I managed to finally take in a pair of jeans that I picked up from the thrift store weeks and weeks ago.
I don't have a fully functioning sewing machine at the moment so I am doing these things by hand. Which is more fun than you might think!

Another little side note: we've had the craziest weather today! Not more than an hour ago it was thundering and hailing, and now the sun is lighting up the joint. It's reminding me of Halifax in a big way.
Off to make some dinner, hope everyone is having a cozy/laid back/productive/insert favorable activity here/ Sunday!

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