Jul 8, 2007

Some examples...

I thought it was probably fair to show some examples of some work that I have done in the past (Oh NSCAD how I miss you!) as well as some of the styles I'm working on for OOH.

This is the first of the Woozy rings, the one that started that whole series.

Here are a few of the Lace Pieces that I had in my first show: My Grannies Knickers. Everything in that show was inspired by my childhood memories of prancing about in my Amma's fancy nighties. Good times!

This one is the first Antler Ring that I made for MEN. I call it The OutDoorsman. It's so big that I considered asking CB to sign a waiver for me, getting me out of trouble if he accidently killed anyone with it!

And last but not least, some of the jewellery I am working on for the Out of Hand Craft fair.

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