Jul 12, 2007

It's flippin hot over here

Yesterday the thermostat read 38 degrees.
Really?? In Vancouver??
Apparently so. I was pretty lucky and managed to sit next to a fan all day at work. Getting there and getting home was hot hot hot!
But today is feeling cooler and we've got a breeze.
And I heard that it's supposed to be even hotter in a couple of weekends. Holy crapballs people!

Today is 5 years for the Man and I. Yesterday he got me new running shoes, and he got some too. We're going to take care of ourselves together. Pretty darn amazing.

On a studio note, I started a new ring on Tuesday that I think is pretty neat. Working with new shapes and trying new things. Good to keep the brain involved! It was getting a little ho hum in there for a while, I've been uninspired lately. (it could be the heat) But I am getting my head back in there.

Drink lots of water! And don't forget sunscreen!

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