Jul 24, 2007

Mmmm boots

All this grey weather is making me think about Fall and boots. Oh boots.
I have a plan to only invest in good for me shoes from now on, and I am sticking to it pretty well. The Man got me amazing boots for Christmas last year and I picked up a pair of Birkenstocks that my sizable feet are happy happy with for summer. So I am now just looking for Fall shoes and spring flats.
I think that I have found them too. Check it out.

cute spring flats

Or these cute spring flats

I have tried these last ones on a couple of times and they are freakishly comfortable, but they only had them in black before. I prefer the brown. Or red maybe? Too cute!

Okay, no more thinking about shoes.
Off I go to actually work today! I've got some serious jewellery to catch up on.
I'll post pictures later of our hilarious fun weekend at the lake too.
Life is good.

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