Jul 5, 2007

Like bees over here

I've got some lovely little pendants ready to go to sale, I think I'll send some over to Shampoo (my longtime hairdresser has opened up her own salon in Victoria and it's grande. She's selling jewellery there too, and I've got some stuff there. Check it out! )
Shampoo Hairbar
Corner of Moss & May Streets in Fairfield

An here is the pendant that is ready to go to Noelle.

Busy busy.
Today I've got plans to get some more earrings ready and prep a couple more ring blanks. And I also want to stitch up a dress that I picked up last summer.

And in other news! We're getting a new mattress today! I can't even tell you how excited we are about this. Here is a picture of the old one that my Man has slept on for YEARS, full of cat hair and the poor guy is so allergic! This new mattress today is a welcome luxury. We've already got the old on outside (as you can see here) and we're expecting the new one this evening.
Sheets are in the wash so they'll be ready to go!

Good day!

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