Jul 31, 2007

Fun times at the lake

Last weekend we went to the lake to have a mini reunion with my Man's fam.
A good time was had by all!
We brought the Wii with us, which was a grand success, and we drank and made merry the rest of the weekend.
The weather didn't really hold out like I had hoped, but we made do and had fun anyway!

Playing tennis

Wii Champions

The Scrumpy Cider I picked up. 11% is too much for me!

On the way back from the Island, we had to wait a bit at the ferry, so we turned the car into a fort. I wasn't sure at first, but it was a great idea after all. We lounged out comfy style for a couple of hours.

While we were at the lake I met the Man's nieces for the first time too. They are the cutest little people I've seen in a long time. No pictures unfortunately. (I seem to only have taken pictures after having some drinks, and they were always in bed already!) I'll get some at Christmas though.

All for now.

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