Aug 3, 2007

Sweethearts and Scrambled eggs

When we had made the fort in the back of the car last weekend (2 weekends ago now I guess) Norman had a bit of a sneak while we were up top on the boat. He clambered over all of our stuff that we had piled up specifically so he COULDN'T get at any of the food that we hid at the bottom of the pile in the front seat.
We were unsuccessful.
Please note the state of this egg carton when we returned from the arcade...

We also returned to a VERY guilty looking dog. We discovered him with the remains of gluten free brownies on his breath.
(they were cocoa based, he's fine, just a sneak)
Needless to say we'll be investing more time into hiding the food the next time we go anywhere without him.

In studio news, I've got some hilariously cute pendants on the go for OOH. So cute!

Tiny gold hearts on super fine cahins (not pictured) I found the perfect chains for these the last time I was in town at one of the jewellery suppliers and I am really excited to get these together. I'll order more gold and the chains when I get paid next.
Eee! so cute! I'm having a bit of a moment with the cuteness right now.

Another ring is in the works too. I'll set a little chalcedony cab in there once it's all cleaned up.

And I've finally started cleaning up my sister's ring for her too. It's been in my bag since she gave it to me a long time ago totally forgotten! But you can see, it's getting worked on now. (I've taped up the stone so I don't scratch the heck out of it while I file the huge scratches out of it)

And in totally unrelated news, we've rearranged the house a little bit more. We've taken the G4 and brought it into the living room. Now I can work on the computer while the Man is in the studio working on his computer and we don't have to grumble about eachother holding us up anymore.

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