Jan 31, 2008

My current Obsession

Did you notice how I capitalized that?
Yeah, that's how much I am coveting this thing right now.

I have been jonesing for an Ipod Nano (the new, cute square ones) since I first saw the commercial on TV AGES ago.
And I've never had a wee portable music player, my last portable music was my 21st birthday present. A super rad HUGE discman.
It was so great! But man is that thing huge.

So now I covet this little bad boy. One of the reasons that I am so keen (the nano too) is the big display screen.
I want to be able to whip out my portfolio should anyone ask.
And THIS one also plays FM radio.
And I'll be honest, the idea of being able to listen to the CBC is making me pretty happy right now.

So I'm saving my pennies!

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