Jun 7, 2012

Sneaky Peeks

Now that I am back at work my blogging time (you know I try to be a good blogger right??  SO HARD I try!!) has been cut a tad short as most of my extra time is now spent preparing myself, the Kid and whoever lucky bugger it is that gets to hang out with time that day for while I am away.

WHY is this so tricky??  It's only three days a week!  But MAN ALIVE it's a new juggle.

I am working on a couple of side projects, TO BE ANNOUNCED, and here are a couple little teasers for you to peek at.

Also, just in case you were wondering.. The Kid Walks.

Sweet Cheeses it's a whole new ball game people! 
(Although I will happily admit that he is super content to walk lap after lap of the apartment, so it's not always a Looney Tune style chase scene over here)


nook. said...

wowza, walking already!!! can't wait to see what you're creating! xo

marny said...

This all looks very exciting. Can't wait to see more. And especially the little creature in walking mode.....can't wait to see THAT!!!


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