Apr 5, 2012

We love Spring!

We have been enjoying some seriously beautiful Spring weather here lately and one of the things that Sonny and I do in the afternoon is walk.


It's awesome. We walk to the grocery store. We walk to the other grocery store. Sometimes we switch it up and go to the library.

For a few weeks now we've been trying to get to the petting zoo at the park (it's a long walk, easily 45 minutes one way, and that's WITHOUT stopping for groceries or snacks or getting side tracked by whoknowswhat like we usually do.

So last week we bit the bullet and drove there!

Baby Goats! Peacocks, Llamas and chickens!
There was even piglets, ohmygod PIGLETS! Are the cutest.

This Mama goat was VERY seriously staring at us while we hung out and watched everyone.

Very. Intently.

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