Jul 16, 2012

Tiny Stellar Ring and The Ammas Charm Pendants

I made this little Stellar Ring for a lovely woman who I have met through the Craft Fair scene here in town.  She has seen the original one that I had made and while deliberating over purchasing it, someone else snagged it!  So I was happy to make her another one in her size and here it is.
Sweet and simple in 14k yellow gold.

And here is a quick shot of the Ammas Charm pendants.  Recycled sterling silver with TEXTURE.

I am loving this texture right now and I am really looking forward to playing at my bench as soon as the kiddo goes to sleep.  (I moved my bench into our bedroom this past weekend so that I could get more work done.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't disrupt sleep schedules too much!)

1 comment:

Heather Anne said...

I finally got my hands on my Ammas Charm. I was away when Geoff dropped it off and my friend finally gave it to me! It's gorgeous and goes with my key on my necklace beautifully!! Thanks :)
I also still get TONNES of compliments on my stellar ring :)


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