Apr 10, 2012


I am teaching a workshop in May!

Yes, little old me, ME! I'm teaching a workshop called Illustration for Printing on Fabric at Island Blueprint on May 5th.

It's a Saturday class, and we'll go over line quality, fabric texture and MAKE OUR OWN STAMPS/STENCILS AND THEN PRINT FABRIC!!

It's going to be really fun, and if you are in the city, and want to spend a fun afternoon printing your own designs onto textiles of your choice (fabric napkins, pillowcases, tshirts or tote bags are all good fun things to print that you'll keep when we're done!) please sign up! I'd love to meet you!

I've got lots of fun ideas to share and I'm hoping to get to the thrift store in the next couple of weeks for some vintage napkins and pillowcases to print up as samples (plus to have in my house because I like that)

Check it all out on Island Blueprint's website HERE

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