Jun 14, 2008

mini make over

Got my hair cut yesterday.

Got some bangs.

Last time I got bangs I wasn't super keen. Actually left the salon asking myself "Was that really what we needed to do today?"

But so far I haven't had any major flip outs, which for me is pretty good.



And I took a bit of a risk, getting it done somewhere I had NEVER been to before.
But I think that it turned out alright.
I left the salon feeling pretty darn awesome, my hair was so soft that it felt like a cloud all around my head.
Very nice.
Got it here
I would recommend him, he was totally chill and cool to chat with and was honest about what he thought would work for me.
He just let the haircut speak for itself.

I'm taking Norman into the vet today for an ultrasound. His pancreatitis keeps coming back and we are going to hopefully rule out anything major.
We're hoping for healthy.
You know how it is.

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