Jun 22, 2008

El Dude-arino Tote

If the Big Lebowski was a Lady, she would carry this bag.

Remember how I mentioned a little while ago that I was making myself a bag?
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it.

I still have to get hardware for the Adjustable Strap (I KNOW!! Adjustable!)
But it's almost ready to tote around in all it's glory.
There will also be snaps!
And a buttonhole for that AMAZING antler button I found.

Here, let me show you some more of it.

It's got so many pockets.
Oh gorgeous, practical pockets!
It's made of cotton twill and lined with blue and white striped shirting, so I can throw it in the wash.

I know, it's keeps getting better!

And I am pretty darned sure that ALL of my lunch will fit in it.
Because seriously, if we're being honest here, that's all my bags really are.
Glorified lunch bags.

But this one, OH! This one! My very own frankenstein creation! (minus the bolts and coming alive part. But if it did, and would carry my stuff around for me? Awesome.)

I am probably going to make a mad dash into town tomorrow morning for the hardware so I can start using it right away.

After getting some work done in the studio, of course!

And here, just so everyone will see first (second? third? what is the blog hand anyway?) hand, evidence of summer weather on the West coast.

I'm not getting too excited though, I've been spurned by summer before.

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