Jun 7, 2008

just a couple things

It's only just after 9 am and I have already done a lot
-finished my new bedside table
-hung up said bedside table
-hung up new rails in the kitchen for hanging our pots (trying to organize some space in there!)
-had tea and breakfast
-sorted out some random crap laying around the studio
-laundry out of the dryer

And I've only been awake since 8!

On the list for today...
-picking up fabric for my NEW BAG! Yes I am going to start working on that, probably next weekend.
-Fab Fair and tea with Julie
-work on big project.

Said project is my sole task for this weekend. I am really excited about it and I am really focused.
I've got some other little things to do if my brain starts to melt out of my ears however.

I am prepared.

In other news, Geoff made us some toothpaste.
Yeah, from scratch!

He used this recipe that we found in this book
No more jelly beans.

Here's the new bedside table

It started out as this little guy here
He got painted a couple coats of Eco safe paint, and then had Mr. Spindley Weed varnished onto the shelves.

That bedside table has been in pieces all over my work table for the last week so I am feeling really good that it's on the wall and out of my hair.

And I think that Geoff has taken the most hilarious picture of Norman yet.


Julie said...

toothpaste from scratch...that's incredible! love this pic of Norman, classic!

Anonymous said...

I love Norman - too bad I won't be able to use any of these pictures because I STILL haven't received a short story about him for my book........

Love etc.
Aunty Colleen :) ^..^


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