Jun 11, 2008

Geography of Hope

I have been reading this book for my Dad lately. I was meant to read it and send him a review, probably a month ago now (sorry Dad!) but have been so swamped with work that I haven't had the gray matter to really do much of anything.
But last night after work (I was too tired to work in the studio, the results of which are HORRENDOUS and upsetting, so I've learned to listen to my body) Anyway, last night after work I picked it up again.
I am constantly amazed and heartened by what I read in it. Chris Turner is mapping out all over the world where sustainability is becoming a commonplace idea. Wind Turbines in Denmark and Sweden, amazing super thin solar panels being produced that are as thin as credit cards and can be built into the foundation of buildings.
Pretty amazing.
It gives me hope that we're all (maybe) not going to die in a blazing apocolyptic future world. ("I am Legend" anyone?? "Terminator" anyone? Anyone??)

Did you know that Canada actually has legislation that won't allow us to have electric cars? How stupid is that? We actually make them here, but we have to export them.
I haven't read this in the book, a friend of mine who knows EVERYTHING told me this one.

There is definitely a long way to go, but this book allows me to hope that maybe having kids isn't a terrible idea, because there there might be a life for them after all.
Depressing I know, but have you listened to the news lately?

It's one of the reasons that I don't listen to the news any more.
I just live in blissful ignorance.

I am probably only halfway through the book now, but already I feel better about where we're headed.

I promise to post something completely ridiculous and frivolous tomorrow.

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