Jun 20, 2008

Girls night out

I have to tell you, I have just had an awesome date night with my sweet friend Julie.
We went to dinner (with drinks AND dessert! Hello luxurious) and a movie and I had a great time.
It felt like Halifax to me, when we used to go the the Fireside and get Kuchen and drinks and generally be fabulous (and ridiculous) feeling like the Glamorous Art students we were.
(I think that because we were jewellery and graphic design students we felt that we were able to shed the crunchy art student image. There were days though my friends when the silver I was wearing was mostly gross dust all over my face and don't even get me started on my hands! FYI, an occupation that involves a lot of sanding and filing does not a good manicure make.)
Last night took me back, and it didn't hurt that we saw Sex and the City, very glamorous and pretty wonderful.

I will admit to being swept up into the excitement of this movie. I didn't even watch the show that religiously, I would catch it every once and a while already started and just follow along. But I must have gleaned enough from my haphazard viewings because the movie was very fun and I was able to follow the whole thing with zero confusion. (No "who is THAT?? "What's going on here?", none of that.)
Oh sigh.

And now I want to go shoe shopping in the WORST way!
Although my wants in the shoe department are drastically more practical than Miss Bradshaw's.

(I actually tried on the Keds that I was looking at before and the heel on them made my ankle twist. Can't run for the bus in THOSE! -very glamorous yes? Uh yeah.)
But these guys are ADORABLE and flat. I haven't tried them on yet, but Julie and I are going to shoe shop sometime soon so I definitely will!

Now off to work I go! This weekend I have to catch up on studio work because I've been pulling some extra shifts at the clinic. I am really looking forward to finishing a couple of things so I can get to production on my own line.

Yikes! I sound so PROFESSIONAL.
My own line.

(can you hear the nervous, slightly manic laughter? No? Well I sure can.)

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Julie said...

awww...YAY! :D


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