Aug 15, 2007

Being quiet as a mouse...

We have a house guest this morning, and I don't want to wake anyone up (I am lately an early riser) So I am sneaking a little solo time on the computer.
Yesterday was so productive that I am feeling expansive and I am raring to go for another day of super productivity. I'll have the house to myself for a couple of hours when I get home from work tonight, so I plan to take advantage and finish up the two new rings that I have going and hopefully (depending on just how productive I am feeling when I get home) a couple of pendants too.
There is no try, only do.

I finished up all of my sister's birthday present yesterday too, so I just have to wrap it up and we're good to go. I am looking forward to this weekend in a big way, it's the annual birthday shinnanigans weekend. I am hoping the weather holds out so we can mosey around downtown and maybe the beach. We shall see. I've got myself pretty solidly booked up while I'm home on the island too, so it will breeze by too quickly as usual, but I am going to enjoy every moment.

On a totally unrelated note, I am SO looking forward to really starting to sew. I have sewn a few things in my day, made myself a dress in high school and I have taken many a pair of jeans and made them into skirts. Haven't we all?
But I am determined that this is the year it really takes off. (nothing like adding way more to do to my already huge list yeah?) I am even thinking that I will make my winter coat this year.
Built by Wendy has amazingly cute patterns through Simplicity, and I am going to give some a try. She's got a couple of really cute little top/dress patterns that I think I can tweak too.
Fun fun fun!

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