Aug 11, 2007

House to myself. (random facts)

The Man is on the Island today for a friends wedding. I am staying home with the Norman and working as much as I can.
(so far it's not too much, but it's early and I just finished breakfast.)
Was up late last night hanging out with lovely C, chatting about boys and watching terrible reality TV. Sin Cities? Oi.
Good times!

Sometimes when I get home this is what the bed I made earlier in the day looks like. Can you see the dog in there?

Notice the bundle of blankets also on the floor.

These are what we cozy him up in before we leave, but it's not really what he wants. He'd rather pull all of the HUMAN blankets off and sleep in our sheets.

I have grand plans for production today.
1. Gift for sister's birthday, need to do that this weekend
2. 6 pendants in various stages of completion, would like to complete them.
3. 2 A Cute rings to finish cleaning up.
4. Track down a neckpiece that I started a while back and put aside because I screwed it up, and remake into a proper (read successful) finished piece.
5. I am sure that there is much more, but I need to track down my book and remember the rest of the list!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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