Aug 28, 2007

I promised pictures

It has taken me all week to get myself back on track since my birthday weekend. I wasn't blitzed or anything, just busy.
We downloaded (uploaded?) the pictures from the camera today so I can now post them for your viewing pleasure.
Kristy's birthday ring was a great success. She was so happy and I was/am so happy that she was so happy and Mom was so happy that we were both/all happy.
Happiness all around. So much so that we hung out again last weekend.
Oi so much happy hanging out!
I digress.
Here are some pictures of said ring.

The first one I took before I cleaned up the oxidization treatment and it looked too cool to not document.
And the second one is the finished product.

At my parent's place they have 4 huge dogs. I tried to get a shot of all of them lying about the kitchen floor (as they often do, tripping up many an unwary snacker)
but someone was cozied up on the couch with Dad, so I only got three of them in the shot. But you get the idea.

And as for tattoos, I haven't taken a picture of the newest addition yet, I want to let the scabs heal up first.
I know, scabs sound so nice and I am sure you would all LOVE to see the flakey goodness, but I am going to wait regardless.
I am so cold and heartless I know.
Here's a picture of the "before"

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Oh my lurvely Jana!! The ring is fabulous (as are you) and I commend you on your fantastic work! I am happy that you are happy and had a happy birthday with other happy people :) talk to you soon. MWAH! xoox


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