Aug 17, 2007

old school

This is the piece that started all the Jangelicas. (the image is upside down!)

(a new jangelica)
I had to make a piece that was fabricated AND incorporate a cast element. So I cast me some teeth and made a "head" for them. This was done in my second year at NSCAD and I have to tell you, casting is a process that I really enjoy. I have since cast at least a hundred little vertebrae and antler rings and orcs.

Now that I don't have access to the studio at school anymore I have to outsource a little bit.
I found a great company in town called Corvus. So helpful and great.
Soon my pretties I will head back over there and cast some more vertebrae and more antler rings and SO MUCH MORE!
Oh I love it!

Today I am going to renew my driver's liscence. The question on everyones lips I am sure... How is my HAIR today???
Eee! Gotta go!

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