Aug 7, 2007

Lunch break

Just taking a little break from the studio at the mo. Made myself some Mac & Cheese.
Ate the whole thing to myself.


I do it every time I make meals like this (comfort meals from my youth. Beans on toast falls in there too, and I get no end of grief about my love of Beans on Toast)
I make it all up and eat WAY too much. But it feels so good and tastes so good that I can't seem to help myself.
And it's a grey dreary day over here, so I feel like comfort food.

I'll jog later and balance it all out.

Three new pendants in the works today. I did one up last week to establish whether or not it was going to work. Finished that one up last night and it's so cute! Beads on the INSIDE!
I'll take better pictures when the sun comes back out!

And some other stuff I've been plugging away at...

I made myself an inventory list so I can keep track of everything that I have on hand so I can make sure that I get enough ready for OOH. I'm getting nervous at how quickly the time is flying by! November sounds like it's still a way off, but I am reeling a little bit that it's already August!



Deedee said...

I love that Mac and Cheese - Emma eats so much of it...Have you tried the rice pasta version?? Yuuummmm.

Unknown said...

We have, but we find that there isn't enough cheese. So we've taken to getting two for one box of noodles. I think that I just have to fins the sauce in bulk somewhere.

Deedee said...

You know what works? I put the cheese in a little plain yogurt...makes a nice yummy cheesy sauce...Wait, can you guys have dairy? Use soy yogurt or something if not.


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