Sep 1, 2007

Brrrr! What the heck!

Okay, so I know that it is September now (what the??) and it's starting to cool off a little bit. But I am not loving it I have to say. I usually LOOOVE the fall, it is my favorite... back to school, amazing cool evenings, brisk mornings and the reintroduction of soups, pies and pastry in general back into my diet.

Everything is better in a pie crust.

But we haven't had summer yet!! Two weeks (in total, not even at the same time, thanks a lot global warming) of hot weather does not a summer make.

Ugh, whatever.

I am going to make the most of it and just deal with it like an adult.
This is the last complaint you will here from me.

Moms and the sister are hanging out with me tomorrow. We are going to accost Ikea in a totally inappropriate way.
Oh god Ikea, why do we love you so much? Is it that you send us catologues to tease us in the mail? Is it your cheapy hilarious goods? Or is it that we can wander around for an ENTIRE afternoon and come out feeling like we are going to redo our entire lives in minimalist, Nordic, crackers and cheese eating chic?

I'm not sure why crackers and cheese comes into it, but dang it it does. For whatever reason I want to sit down and eat crackers and cheese after hanging out there.

Just like I crave tea and scones when I watch anything Jane Austen.
Or meat and beer and vegetables when I watch Lord of the Rings.

It's all about food.

Again I digress.

This weekend it's going to be more of this. (sorry Kristy, this is the picture that had to go up here. I love you!)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, darling.... It was nice of you to show me in my best light... :) A great time was had by all and I thank you both for that. Love you! Mom xox


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