Mar 16, 2011


A few weekends back my Mom, my sister and I took the Ikea bus over to the mainland for a pre-Sonny shop.

Oh yes we did.

We happened to be there for MeatBall Madness and good lord they weren't kidding when they warned us before we got off the bus that the restaurant was going to be busy.

It was lined up like this ALL DAY so we didn't get to eat there.
(I had packed a selection of snacks however so we weren't entirely bereft. Also Kristy got us all a frozen yogurt while we waited in line so my cravings were satisfied!)

I went with the Gulliver Crib...

I was originally thinking of going for the simpler Sniglar, but once we got to manhandling them, the Gulliver seemed to hold up to a bit more throttling.

Here is Kristy trying out one of the crib mattresses we were deciding between.

I didn't actually get too many pictures inside of Ikea, we were surprisingly short on time once we got there, considering that a lot of our day was spent traveling to and from the mainland, we really only had about three hours once we got there.

That sounds like a lot, but Mom and Kristy are marathon shoppers and it takes us a good three hours just to get through the shoe section at Winners.


But a lovely day was had by all and I was able to sneak all my purchases in under my planned budget! I had been squirreling cash away for this trip for months so I felt pretty darn good about that.

On the ferry back home I got my customary gross Veggie burger and I asked for an extra pickle.


This is what they handed me.

There were at least 12 pickle slices on that little plate.
I managed to eat maybe half of them but I just couldn't take anymore after a while.

How does that make sense? I actually asked the server if he was joking when he gave me that plate. All he said was "you have to take it".

So weird.

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