Mar 13, 2011

Bah weekend.

I had every intention of being productive today. By productive I mean that I wanted to get the last two projects sitting on my bench that I HAVE TO FINISH before we make the studio/nursery switch done. At least one of them.

But nope.

I DID however get 4 loads of laundry, the bathroom cleaned (I even washed the walls for cripes sakes!) the kitchen cleaned (read: I did the dishes) and hung out with the dog for a while on top of a surprise visit from my lovely inlaws.

I am not being sarcastic either, my inlaws are really lovely. All of them.
(I'm not sure how I managed to deserve that Universe, but I will TAKE IT)

So when 6 pm rolled around and I had only managed to get one ring sized down but not cleaned up, and another (but not one that I HAVE TO FINISH!) one resoldered and smoothed out and I got That Feeling.

You know, That Feeling you get when you are about to LOSE IT and you don't want to cut through your finger or yell at the dog for getting up and stand in the doorway STARING at you for no apparent reason AGAIN. (Does your dog do that? It's like he knows the MOMENT I start to get productive and he's all, "Hey, You, let me outside." Or "Cover me with my Blanket bitch!" Or "I need some Legs STAT!"-this is his favorite place to be and kind of the only place where he'll chill the F out for any length of time, curled up in your legs, under blankets on the couch. Ridiculous. How am I supposed to get anything done??)

Anyway, I digress.

So I only got about an hour in the studio today. But I did do a lot of other house stuff. So while I wish that I had gotten into the studio before lunch, I am happy that we've got clean sheets and the bathroom doesn't look like a frat house bathroom anymore.

Little things.

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