Mar 25, 2011

Last Custom Woozy and some Bangles!

Now that we're getting really close to our due date (4 weeks, are you kidding me??) I have basically TODAY to finish the last two things on my bench.
So because I am a MASTER PROCRASTINATOR I am blogging about the last few things I've finished in the studio instead.


I met a lovely woman a few months back who knows the other lovely woman that I did the previous custom Woozy set for (Remember these?)
She had a pretty clear idea in her head of what she wanted, and she also had some stones that she wanted to use from her mother, so this is what we made for her...

I am really happy with how it turned out and she was too!

ALSO here are some pictures of the bangles that I was going to pop into the shop, but they've all sold already! (A couple went to trades that I am pretty excited about too!)

So once I get the studio up an running again (in the Fall I am hoping) I'll be making more of these.

SO now it's 9 am, I've eaten breakfast and am dressed. I have no excuse now but to WORK and get those last 2 items done. I've got to head into town this afternoon too so time is already of the essence!

But my plan is to treat myself to a mini thrift trip (hoping to score a ring sling and a mustard coloured cardigan, maybe a basket or two - nesting!- as a reward for getting the jewellery finished.) Pops is coming to help Geoff move the studio gear out of Sonny's room this weekend so I actually have to be out of there by tonight.

So here we go!

1 comment:

Heather Anne said...

Oooh, I LOVE those bangles. Let me know when you get to making more because I am all over them :)

4 weeks away!!! Very VERY exciting times!!


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