Mar 8, 2011

The Bump! Part 3

Things are progressing steadily. Yesterday I had swollen ankles for the first time that I noticed and they are still fat today.
Love that.

Geoff and I had our first of 2 all day prenatal classes on Saturday and while I haven't learned too much that I hadn't gleaned from all the books I've been reading, it was really nice to share it all with Geoff and to meet other preggers.

At the beginning of the class we all had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, and tell everyone what the best and worst things about being pregnant are.

I think I was the only one who wasn't all "ooh I just LOVE being pregnant, it's totally THE BEST." I said that I was really excited to start our little family (which I really am) and that Sonny is the best part of being pregnant, and that I was/am TOTALLY UNPREPARED for my own reactions to the freaky things happening to my body.

I don't think that they were expecting that. The instructor asked me What These Things Were, and I was all, I am not getting into that in front of all you strangers WHO TOTALLY KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

Nothing like making a great first impression.

31 weeks (I think)
I am pretty sure that I took all of these in the same week, but the purple skirt might have been worn the week before.

I can't remember.

32 Weeks
I picked up a few items at Joe (ohmygodIloveJoeFresh) last weekend to accommodate the growing belly and this stripey dress is awesome! Hilarious camouflage that somehow takes the horizontal stripes and makes them disguise the belly!
From the front.

33 weeks
I took these just this morning (my hair is still wet, I haven't even really finished getting dressed, but I knew that if I didn't just do it while I was thinking about it, I'd never upload these pictures! Just pretend that I am all done up accessories and all)

(I hope that you are appreciating the various states of tidy that our bedroom is in in all of these. I know that some of you are REELING from the non staged, laundry piled everywhere state of things. I can't be held responsible for keeping track of all of that crap right now. Don't you know I'm pregnant??)



Sandra said...

I CANNOT WAIT until July to meet the results of this little project you have undertaken!
And, despite the fact that you may not have the rainbows and cotton candy love for being preggers, you still look gorgeous! In our shallow world, that's what's really important, right??
Je t'adore, comme toujours. xoox


I can't wait to meet Sonny!!! You look amazing, and that purple skirt? I LOVE THAT PURPLE SKIRT! You and Sonny are soooo cute. Aside from the progesterone bliss (I love that gapped-out brain-dead feeling) I didn't find there to be too much to love about being pregnant!


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