Jan 6, 2014

In no way a productive post, I'm just thinking out loud and sharing with THE INTERNET

My Stellar ring is one of my absolute favorites.  It's so simple, but still has some whimsy and it just feels right on my hand.

When Geoff proposed to me, I had a really hard time deciding on which of two designs I wanted.

Did I want to make myself a stellar ring in gold with 2 little diamonds and just have the one ring.
Or did I want to have an engagement ring and a band that I would wear as a set?

I decided that I wanted us to both have bands.  And my Mom offered me her original diamond when we told her we were getting married.  (and it's just slightly too big for the Stellar design - OH THE HARDSHIPS!)

So I made my sweet little ring and a gold band to match Geoff's.

I have since altered BOTH of those rings for various reasons.

Ridiculous I know, trust me!  But I had good reasons both times!
First that Geoff gave me my Chrysoprase ring by KyleAnne Metals, which I still wear every single day.  And I wore it with my wedding band, so I sized my engagement ring down to wear on my right hand.

Then about a year later I switched the chrysoprase over to my right hand and my engagement ring spent some time in my jewellery drawer.  Because it was too small for my left hand now.

So it got sized up again and is back in rotation.

I feel weirdly MORE married when I am wearing it.  Even though I wear my wedding band every day.

And my wedding band also has had a transformation.
I originally made a simple flat band in gold to match the silver one that Geoff wore.

Now it is forged down narrower and I added a layer of white gold on top so that it looks similar in colour to Geoff's, and has a shiny gold center!

I really love it.  (I loved it before, but I really wanted them to match.  More)

But my stellar ring!  I keep coming back to it.
I wear it with my wedding band and it looks great stacked with the simplicity of the narrower band.

So I have decided that I will make myself a Family ring, with little set stones for each of us.  Set in gold.  In the Stellar style.

I am very excited about this.

I told you.  In no way a productive post!

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nook. said...

oh but it's such a beautiful ring!!! i love it too!!! xo


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