Jan 16, 2014


A little peek into what Spring is shaping up like.

Long chains with Barnacle pendants!
New Leather Feather Earrings!
Chain style Charm Bracelets!

Plus some returning favorites... Recycled pendants and charms, Barnacle Earrings (in copper AND in silver!)  all of the Birdie series are still in action (bangles, charms, pendants and maybe some earrings?  We will see.

I'm working on a big order for a new account right now, and then I am going to jump right into commissions and inventory for The Fox Fair! 

The Fox will be my last market before baby, but I am working hard to maintain accounts until the very end, and then I am even hoping to come back after a shorter maternity leave this time!

Fingers crossed this baby is into it.

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