Jan 22, 2014

Family Headcolds

We are coming up to day 4 of Head Cold 2014 around here.

It's been mostly Sonny really.  Geoff and I are just getting it now. 
But whoa, for a kid who is usually pretty mellow, we've had some pretty amazing meltdowns in the last few days.

So he's watching ANOTHER episode of Dora the Explorer (why does she always have to yell??)
while I putter around the house and try to stay on top of things.

I have NO idea of what we will eat for dinner.

So I know what I will be doing for the next little while I guess.

Figure THAT out, is the answer.  In case you weren't sure.

please bear with me... pregnancy brain (aka The Stupids) plus headcold = s l o o w   J a n a.

(I love this picture of us from this summer.  That HAIR!  Oh those curls were so out of control!
Taken by the always lovely Stephanie Rae)

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