Dec 23, 2013

New work in Bronze!

A little while back I started thinking about new ways to work when Chickpea arrives, since I won't be taking an official mat leave like last time.  And since I remember pretty clearly the ZERO extra time I had I wanted to think of ways to work that were a little less labor intensive.

I LOVED casting when we did it at school.  
Like, a lot.  

And it's something that I can do I am hoping once we've settled into New Baby Life a little bit that won't kill me or anyone around me.

I carved up these waxes and sent them off to be cast in Vancouver.  Unfortunately there isn't anyone doing commercial casting on the island (at least that I could find) so shipping them to the mainland is my current option.

But the designs are all hand carved by me,  and all of the clean up is done by me, AND some lovely person is casting them by hand.

I am really excited to be able to offer BRONZE as a new material as well.

The colour is gorgeous, these rings are nice and weighty, and they feel good on the hand.

I have two more ring samples on my bench to clean up, probably after the holidays, and some earrings too.

But I am excited, and I hope you are too!
I will post some into the shops in the new year, and get this new series rolling out to stores as well.

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