May 23, 2013

Ursa Handmade Market

Do you remember when I was telling you about a big project that I've been working on?
Well let me tell you  little bit about it right now!

The First Annual Ursa Handmade Market is a one day maker's fair showcasing some of the incredible talent on and around Vancouver Island. 

And I am not kidding when I say incredible.

I have been doing markets and craft fairs for some years now (I think the first one I participated in was in school, back in 2004... and I even organized a couple at school too, one of which was the most successful one they'd had in years!  I can't take all the credit for that one, my dear friend Sandra played a big roll there)

A couple of craft fairs ago, probably at Christmas time I started playing with the idea of hosting one of my own now.  Why not I thought?  I LOVE being a vendor at these markets, and the other vendors that participate with me are so amazing, I wanted to offer another chance for us all to work together again.

So I just did it!

It's been a lot of hard work, forcing me to overcome my INTENSE procrastinator style, that I am really good at by the way.   But I have organized all the vendors, put together an event page on Facebook (here!), set up and organized the space, I'm getting insurance next week, I've drawn up the poster BY HAND like a lunatic, and I even approached NATIONAL NEWS to interview me about the event.

Yeah.  I did.

I haven't heard back yet, but I DID post the event to every community calendar I could think of and I am sent the info to radio and TV too.

I am taking this seriously because I want this to be great.

So please, share the information to everyone you know, share the Facebook page and invite your friends!  There is going to be great music, great vendors, great food (Taco Justice and Terrible Truffles... seriously) and I am working on what I think could be the cutest nearly free garlands you have ever seen.
Just need to pick up some silver and gold spray paint (oh and make all of my inventory for my own booth!)

Ursa is going to be wonderful and I hope that you can come!


nook. said...

this is going to be such a fabulous event! i really want to be a vendor next year!!! so excited for you jana. you've done some amazing work! proud of you! xoxoo

meet.make.laugh. said...

If I am in town that weekend I will definitely be there!! :) ~Stephanie

Jana May said...

Thanks guys! It's going to be great!


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