May 3, 2013

Raw Lemon Bars (Where We Eat An Entire Tray of Lemon Bars Before They Are Set)

I made this recipe from one I found on pinterest here from This Rawsome Vegan Life
(this should be an Oh How Pinteresting!)

And Oh Goodness it's good.
I made a couple of changes to the original recipe, but in essence it's the same.
(I swapped out the oats for ground almonds, and put my coconut for the topping inot my spice grinder to whiz it up really fine to smooth out the texture)

And I've made it twice in two weeks!
 I feel no shame, it's all raw and healthy!

And yes, we DID eat the first tray entirely before the Lemon Topping had set up.
But you would too, so I suggest you give it a try.

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