May 27, 2013

A glimpse into my (work) brain

The other night I pulled all of my bits and pieces together to start drawing up the poster for Ursa.
This is not a styled photo.  I literally just pulled everything out of my purse, where it usually lives, and laid it out to start sketching.

I did however take a moment to enjoy how tidy it was before I pulled everything out of the folder on the right and spread out across the WHOLE table for a couple of hours after Sonny went to sleep.

And my bench does look pretty tidy in this photo too, but in real life, it's usually WAY messier.
There is a method to the madness, I usually know where every tool is and don't even really have to look for it when I'm in the swing of things.  But I know that to the outsider it probably looks like a terrifying fire hazard.  In my bedroom.

The computer table is technically Geoff's work space, so I try to keep my stuff over there as organized and as small as possible.  Right now it's my yellow Ursa Folder, my Molskine dayplanner and my phone.

Although I can probably retire my molskine as I have been really trying to keep everything in my iphone since I got it.  So far it's working!  I really like that it beeps at me to remind me.
(it always makes me think of the Dis-Organizer, which makes me very happy)

That molskine doesn't say a thing.

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