May 30, 2013

Noticing things about my own hometown

So I have lived in Victoria since I was 11.
Tuesday night before dance class (hells yeah I take a dance class) I noticed, probably for the first time, the architecture of the Bay Center building.  I can't even count how many times I have been in that building, in all my teenage shopping years.  But I really SAW that top corner and it is really beautiful.

The light that night was particularly nice and I just sat and Noticed it for a while before I got out of the car.
I bet that there were A LOT of people who had a hand in building it, and it is worth looking at.

I am trying to do that more.  Notice things.  With a capital N.


meet.make.laugh. said...

Is it weird I noticed the EXACT same thing last week? I love living downtown Vic.... so much subtle beauty that is easy to miss! Do you take a class at Lynda Raino? Me too! Love it there. ~Stephanie

Jana May said...

I'm in Jazz 1
it's absurdly good times!


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