May 15, 2013

Short on tIme and Long on responsibilities

I am sure that it is this way for most people, but I wish I could stretch out time a little bit.
My plate is full to bursting and I just want to tell you that I may be a tad light on the posting for a few weeks.

Keep coming by, as I will still be here, but in my efforts to Keep It Realistic I need to tell you that I am trying to stay AWAY from the computer in order to be more productive in Real Life.

You know, that place where we work and raise families and eat food.

And I am also trying to keep my posts relevant (and fun) but mostly relevant.


Here is a picture that I drew for Sonny, on demand I might add, of some of our friends.

Pretty relevant stuff!


(I am working on a BIG PROJECT that is taking up my free time, that I will share with you very soon.  I am working on the poster for it this afternoon!)

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