Feb 20, 2011

Covets! I how I covet.

I have been loving adult tricycles for AGES and have been thinking about how great it would be to be able to get back into shape after Sonny by riding around on one.
I love my Beasty-clette, but she's a little too makeshifty to ride while pregnant, and she's been languishing in the carport for the last 7 months.

Poor girl, I should see if anyone else can give her a good home.

Anyway, I just now off handedly searched usedvictoria for adult tricycles and THIS CAME UP!

So amazing! Can I justify this right now? I feel like I should wait until Snny actually arrives to get a sense of what life will actually be like, but ohmygod it's so awesome!

Someone is going to scoop this up, and I will be super jealous.
(if I'm really lucky it (or something like it) will still be available in the spring.)



Sara said...

Jana $150 is INSANELY good! Do it!!! I hereby give you permission.


I insist you leave your house RIGHT NOW and purchase. it.

Jana May said...

Sigh! It sold three weeks ago, and the ad just wasn't taken down.

In the spring next year ladies, that's when I'll get one!


andrea soos said...

oh my god, this is hilarious. i totally want one as well but nick thinks people will laugh at me.

we could ride them together!!


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